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Save Money By Repairing, Maintaining, & Servicing Your Medical Equipment

A Service Contract Covers:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  • Full coverage on all parts and labor for repairs/maintenance
  • Full Biomed report with every service, repair or PM
  • Rental unit for each unit sent in for service, repair or PM
  • Telephone Support
  • Complimentary cleaning of each unit upon return
  • Free return shipping on all service, repairs or PMs

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Covers:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  • Full coverage on all parts and labor for repairs/maintenance
  • Full Biomed report with every service, repair or PM
  • Rental unit for each unit sent in for service, repair or PM
  • Telephone support
  • Complimentary cleaning of each unit upon return
  • Free return shipping on all service, repairs or PMs


Our depot repair is the best in the business. We back up our work with a 1-year repair warranty on anything that comes through our doors. We’re fast, reliable, and confident in our work. Everything sent in for repair is inspected, tested, and ensured to be up to manufacturer specifications/standards. Best of all, everything ships back to you FREE.

On-Site Service

Need someone to come on-site to your location? No problem! We’re here to help with that. We can come on site to take care of equipment needs, annual preventative maintenance, and electrical safety tests. While performing these services, we will also notify and diagnose any equipment issues free of charge.

Training Academy

The ReNew Training Academy is aimed at training biomedical equipment technicians to handle the growing needs of the medical equipment industry. Biomedical technicians are in high demand across the country, especially in West Tennessee. The Training Academy is an official partner with AAMI, the standard for HTM credentials, and the Federal Department of Labor.

Equipment We Service

lp15 - ReNew BioMedical
Defibrillators /AEDs
ekg - ReNew BioMedical
esu - ReNew BioMedical
Electrosurgical Units
sapphire iv pump - ReNew BioMedical
Infusion/IV Pumps
minray passport v - ReNew BioMedical
Patient Monitors
revel - ReNew BioMedical
vitalmonitors - ReNew BioMedical
Vitals Monitors

On-Site Service Locations

From all of us at ReNew Biomedical, happy EMS Week! Thank you to the EMS professionals and volunteers who serve our communities every day. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. YOU are where emergency care begins.

#EMS #EMSWeek #EMSWeek2023 #WhereEmergencyCareBegins

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"When I first started as a biomedical tech, I didn’t know what HTM was. I`ve grown to enjoy the work, and the satisfaction of completing a job knowing I did it well. The knowledge that I was able to find and fix a problem gives me a sense of accomplishment."
-Bradley Jones, CABT.

#HTMWeek #IamHTM #HTM #Biomedical #Biomed #RWO #ReNewBiomedical #AAMI #CABT

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Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week is a time where we recognize and appreciate the work of biomeds who manage and maintain complex medical equipment around the world. HTMs play a critical role in equipping medical professionals to deliver life-saving patient care.

Stay tuned this week while we spotlight biomedical technicians! They`ll share what drives them and how to get started in this field.

#HTMWeek #HTMWeek2023 #AAMI #IamHTM #Biomed #RWO

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We`re excited for Day 1 of MD Expo in Houston! Come by and see us at booth #504.

#TechNation #MDExpo #IamHTM #HTM #Biomedical #Biomed

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Will you be in Houston next week for MD Expo? Come see us at booth #504! Our team can`t wait to meet you and advance the Healthcare Technology Management field.

#MDExpo #Expo #TradeShow #ReNew #HTM #Biomed

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We`re excited to announce that Josh Weatherford, our shop manager, was awarded the first ever @aamiconnect partnered Certification of Apprenticeship as part of the US Department of Labor! Josh completed his CABT and CBET certification through the ReNew Biomedical Training Academy, which partnered with AAMI to grow the HTM workforce and the biomedical industry.

Special thanks to Danielle and Robert for coming in from DC to present Josh`s certificate in person!

#IamHTM #AAMI #Biomedical #Biomed #ReNew #RWO #HTM #DepartmentOfLabor #Apprenticeship

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Our Tech Spotlight for March is Bradley Jones, CABT! Bradley is an accomplished biomed with a background in engineering. As a result of his expertise, he`s become a "Go-To" trainer for new technicians, teaching them the trade and demonstrating the company`s processes. Bradley`s commitment to continuing education is evident in his CABT certification achievement and enrollment in the AAMI apprenticeship program. We love Bradley`s attention to detail, his encouragement for our team`s continued improvement, and the value he brings to the shop!
#ReNew #Biomed #IAMHTM #AAMI #HTM #RWO

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This Patient Safety Awareness Week, we`re proud to support emergency responders by keeping their equipment running smoothly. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every piece of equipment is serviced and repaired to the highest standard, so healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most - saving lives.

#PatientSafetyWeek #EMS #MedicalEquipment #ReNew #RWO #EmergencyMedicine #PatientSafetyWeek2023

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February is Heart Month, a time where we draw attention to taking care of #OurHearts and how to raise support for healthy hearts in 2023. Stay tuned this month as we raise awareness of cardiac health and offer cardiac emergency solutions.

#HealthyHearts #HeartMonth2023 #HeartMonth #AmericanHeartMonth #AHA #HeartStrong #suddencardiacarrest

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ReNew supports Wear Red Day! It`s an effort that raises awareness and supports women’s cardiovascular health. Learn more and get involved here:

#WearRedDay #AHA #HeartMonth #ReNewBiomedical #GoRed

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We`re proud to announce that our ReNew Training Academy had a 100% CABT pass rate in 2022! All 14 apprentices in the program received their CABT Certification. Huge thanks to the instruction of Richard Woods and to the hard work, study, and dedication by all of our apprentices!

@aamiconnect | @apprenticeshiptn
#CABT #CBET #Apprenticeship #IamHTM #HTM #Biomed

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Client Testimonials

  • This company takes great pride in customer service and has top notch employees providing the service. Repairs and requests are handled quickly and effectively. I have had only positive experiences with ReNew.

    Shane Watts, July 17 2020 Rockbridge County EMS/ EMS Coordinator
  • Vanderbilt LifeFlight is proud to partner with Renew Biomedical Services to provide preventive maintenance and repairs for the majority of the medical equipment in our air-medical fleet. Justin and his staff consistently provide personalized, professional and timely service and they are constantly seeking feedback on their performance. Their willingness to provide onsite service on short notice and their quick turnaround times on unscheduled repairs has made them a valuable resource for our team. We look forward to many years of continued service and support from Renew.

    Sheldon Dreaddy, July 13, 2020 Vanderbilt LifeFlight, Air Medical Transport Manager
  • We recently switched to your company for service of our 23 Police / Fire / EMS AED’s after a terrible experience with another company. Your staff has been exceptional and your company is truly great to work with. Mary Kate Kelly is prompt, efficient and very nice to deal with. My only regret is not switching sooner. I’ve been a Manager for 15 years and I’ve come to accept that when we do a good job and provide a good service it’s what people expect, and you typically only hear about bad experiences. I wanted to make sure your staff got the credit they deserve for welcoming us as customers and providing top notch service.

    Gary Vinnacombe EMS Manager, West Grove Fire Company
  • ReNew Biomedical has been a true blessing to Henry County EMS. They are always so prompt to answer questions, and have amazing customer service. Everyone is always so nice and willing to help! They have saved our County a lot of money, but still have great products. And customer service goes a long way! I can speak for everyone here at Henry County that we value and appreciate you all so much!

    Paige Lucas Director, Henry County EMS, Henry County EMS, Kentucky
  • ReNew Biomedical has been an asset to us. They take care of each of our 40+ clinic’s needs as well as provide us with prompt, reliable customer service. ReNew handles our needs efficiently and are always willing to go the extra mile.

    Jessica Columbia Regional Director of Clinic Operations, Region 2 Fast Pace Urgent Care
  • Cannot thank you enough! I truly appreciate your firm’s professionalism in taking care of their customers.

    Roger Howe