Electrosurgical Units


Renew Biomedical is an ISO 9001:2015 certified depot repair and on-site biomedical services company. We offer full-service medical equipment maintenance and repair on electrosurgical units, along with defibrillators, ECG/EKGs, infusion/IV pumps, patient monitors, ventilators and vitals monitors.

Preventative maintenance and medical equipment repair are our expertise, and our biomedical technicians are factory-trained with all major electrosurgical brands. At Renew Biomedical, we aim to earn our customer’s respect by providing premium service at an affordable price, all while staying on the cutting edge of biomedical equipment maintenance requirements. In addition, we consciously choose to offer the highest quality electrosurgical unit service in hopes of securing a lasting relationship with every customer. Each preventative maintenance and repair we offer extends the life of your life-saving equipment, prevents costly repairs, and helps reduce liability exposure. Our motto is: “Saving the Lives of Life-Saving Equipment!”

Our Renew Promise includes:
• Full-coverage preventative maintenance agreements and service contracts for any electrosurgical unit
• Free domestic return shipping and free BioStat cleaning
• Free evaluation of your electrosurgical unit before any work is done
• Rental, lease, and financing options through our partner MME
• 11 Point Inspection Guarantee on all electrosurgical units repaired or serviced
• Renew Certification Certificate with each repair or service, which meets or exceeds OEM Standards

Our AAMI CBETs and BMETs are trained and authorized to service and repair the following Electrosurgical Units:

bovie hi res - ReNew BioMedical

Bovie Electrosurgical Units

covidien 1 - ReNew BioMedical

Covidien ValleyLab Force Units
ValleyLab Force FX-C
ValleyLab Force Triad
ValleyLab FT10

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