Our Team
ReNew is a dedicated team of certified biomeds who, along with our experienced equipment technicians, offer comprehensive medical equipment service and repair. The effectiveness of our Quality Management System earned us the ISO 13485 certification for quality management assurance, and our AAMI CABT and CBET certifications highlight our dedication to excellence in the world of Healthcare Technology Management.
Mark TaylorMark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Managing Partner

Jill TaylorJill Taylor

Jill Taylor

Managing Partner

Justin SmithJustin Smith

Justin Smith

Managing Partner

Dustin Dinkins, CBETDustin Dinkins, CBET

Dustin Dinkins, CBET

Director of Training & Employee Development

Mary Kate KellyMary Kate Kelly

Mary Kate Kelly

Director of Sales & Service

Richard Woods, CBETRichard Woods, CBET

Richard Woods, CBET

Director of RBTA

Josh Weatherford, CBETJosh Weatherford, CBET

Josh Weatherford, CBET

Biomedical Manager

Alec Haldey, CBETAlec Haldey, CBET

Alec Haldey, CBET

Director of Midwest Market & Field Service

Wesley Jones, CABTWesley Jones, CABT

Wesley Jones, CABT

Assistant Field Service Manager

Jaime CagleJaime Cagle

Jaime Cagle

Procurement Manager

Danny Maness, CABTDanny Maness, CABT

Danny Maness, CABT

Product Process Manager

Tyler Smith, CBET, CHTMTyler Smith, CBET, CHTM

Tyler Smith, CBET, CHTM

Assistant Biomedical Manager

JL Morgan, CBETJL Morgan, CBET

JL Morgan, CBET

Assistant Biomedical Manager

Chase GunnChase Gunn

Chase Gunn

Field Service Technician

Caleb Slaughter, CABTCaleb Slaughter, CABT

Caleb Slaughter, CABT

Field Service Technician

David Lindsay, CBETDavid Lindsay, CBET

David Lindsay, CBET

Field Service Technician

Eric AlesiEric Alesi

Eric Alesi

Field Service Technician

Matt MooreMatt Moore

Matt Moore

Field Service Technician Northwest Region

Michael ScallionMichael Scallion

Michael Scallion

Biomedical Technician

Anthony Bedwell, CBETAnthony Bedwell, CBET

Anthony Bedwell, CBET

Biomedical Technician

Drew Lopez, CABTDrew Lopez, CABT

Drew Lopez, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Josh Hertzka, CBETJosh Hertzka, CBET

Josh Hertzka, CBET

Biomedical Technician

Bradley Jones, CBETBradley Jones, CBET

Bradley Jones, CBET

Biomedical Technician

Eugene Harris, CABTEugene Harris, CABT

Eugene Harris, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Chase Hart, CABTChase Hart, CABT

Chase Hart, CABT

Biomedical Technician

John Emerson, CABTJohn Emerson, CABT

John Emerson, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Jesse HaynesJesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Biomedical Technician

John ClarkJohn Clark

John Clark

Biomedical Technician

Marty Zocher, CABTMarty Zocher, CABT

Marty Zocher, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Marcus Knopp, CABTMarcus Knopp, CABT

Marcus Knopp, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Mark Steward, CABTMark Steward, CABT

Mark Steward, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Stephen Hames, CABTStephen Hames, CABT

Stephen Hames, CABT

Biomedical Technician

Dylan Presson, CBETDylan Presson, CBET

Dylan Presson, CBET

Biomedical Technician

Caleb Barber, CBETCaleb Barber, CBET

Caleb Barber, CBET

Biomedical Technician

Jasten GreeneJasten Greene

Jasten Greene

Stretcher Technician

Leonela Rodriguez, CABTLeonela Rodriguez, CABT

Leonela Rodriguez, CABT

Service Coordinator

Lidia MatthewsLidia Matthews

Lidia Matthews

Serivce Coordinator

Terri MangilaominiTerri Mangilaomini

Terri Mangilaomini

Service Coordinator

Kasey Allen, CABTKasey Allen, CABT

Kasey Allen, CABT

Service Coordinator

Yulissa DelacerdaYulissa Delacerda

Yulissa Delacerda

Service Coordinator

Presley MichaelPresley Michael

Presley Michael

Service Coordinator