Need a PM (Preventive Maintenance), service, or equipment repair? ReNew Biomedical offers fast troubleshooting, repairs, and regular scheduled equipment maintenance. We are a full-service medical repair depot with military-trained and factory-trained biomedical technicians. ReNew has all the relevant certifications and qualifications, including being ISO 13485:2016 Certified. This means our business operations and procedures have exceeded the International Organization for Standardization’s guidelines for growth, quality practices, and customer satisfaction.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Personal support for your staff, reducing your labor and training costs
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Teletech gets you in touch with an experienced biomedical tech
  • On-Site Service via our traveling depots that service the country
  • Access to our asset management portal, which allows you to track multiple outposts, regulate hundreds of units, schedule maintenance, track work orders, and much more
  • Free unit evaluation/estimate, and free return shipping after repairs
  • Each unit is serviced by a certified biomedical technician to ensure each unit meets factory and FDA specifications
  • Service includes documentation that satisfies regulatory reporting requirements
  • Access to our replacement part inventory




Infusion Pumps






  • Annual Preventative Maintenance (PM)
  • Full coverage on all parts and labor for repairs/maintenance
  • Full Biomed report with every service, repair or PM
  • Rental unit for each unit sent in for service, repair or PM
  • Telephone Support
  • Complimentary cleaning of each unit upon return
  • Free return shipping on all service, repairs or PMs


  • Diagnostic check of device’s CPU
  • Test power supply and all parameters (if applicable)
  • Test system’s internal clock
  • Operational check of all system functions per OEM specifications
  • Full Biomed report with every PM
  • Telephone support
  • Complimentary cleaning of each unit upon return
  • Free return shipping on all PMs


When you ship us your unit, we provide a complete, free evaluation before any work is done.


Upon receipt of your equipment, we email a quote for your approval.


Inspected, tested, and repaired with FREE returns.


Our on-site technicians work PMs and electrical safety tests. While on-site, we offer free unit diagnosis.


Our depot repair is the best in the business. We back up our work with a 1-year repair warranty on anything that comes through our doors. We’re fast, reliable, and confident in our work. Everything sent in for repair is inspected, tested, and ensured to be up to manufacturer specifications/standards. Best of all, everything ships back to you FREE.


Need someone to come on-site to your location? No problem! We’re here to help with that. We can come on site to take care of equipment needs, annual preventative maintenance, and electrical safety tests. While performing these services, we will also notify and diagnose any equipment issues free of charge.


The ReNew Training Academy is aimed at training biomedical equipment technicians to handle the growing needs of the medical equipment industry. Biomedical technicians are in high demand across the country, especially in West Tennessee. The Training Academy is an official partner with AAMI, the standard for HTM credentials, and the Federal Department of Labor.

Equipment service and repair has never been so easy! Check out our new revamped portal here:

1: Fill out the online form
2: Download & Print the PDF
3: Put the printout in the box with your unit, and send it our way by using the handy Shipping Label Generator!

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Curious about the new Tempus Pro System? Our Assistant Biomedical Manager, Josh Weatherford, talks about ownership, maintenance, and service.

"The Tempus has very in-depth testing and calibration, attributable to the functionality of the unit. The Tempus has standard calibrations such as CO2, IBP, and NIBP; however, it requires deeper testing than most monitors/defibs. For example, the ECG function requires a USB file to be saved of the readings from each lead. These must then be examined to verify correct ECG readings produced by calibrated test equipment."
Read full article online!

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ReNew is proud to be a sponsor of the AAMI Foundation Scholarship program! We believe in Biomeds helping Biomeds, and are excited to meet the students that are attending their first AAMI eXchange thanks to the HTM community.

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The ReNew team can't wait to see you at booth #1209 in San Antonio for AAMI eXchange 2022! Stop by and see how ReNew is growing our network of highly-trained technicians to continue bringing you the best quality service and repairs.

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We couldn't be happier to announce that seven out of seven apprentices passed their CABT exams, and are now Certified Associates in Biomedical Technology! ReNew is committed to educating and certifying the next generation of healthcare technology managers.

Read more online at our news page.

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We can't wait to see you on the exhibit floor at booth #1209 in San Antonio for AAMI eXchange 2022! Meet our team and see how ReNew is growing our network of highly-trained technicians to continue bringing you the best quality service and repairs. Ask us about our:

• FREE Giveaway items!
• New Service Locations opening up around the U.S.
• State-of-the-art AAMI-Certified CABT & CBET Training Academy
• On-Site Service fleet
• Newly-Renovated, Full-Service depot

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We are so thankful to the HTM field and all the professionals it takes to keep this demanding industry running smoothly. Through the dedicated efforts of these professionals, countless lives are saved.
Read more at our blog! Link in bio:

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For HTM Week 2022, we want to celebrate HTM professionals including Biomedical Engineers, Hospital Biomeds, Biomedical Technicians! Their hard work keeps the healthcare industry running smoothly!
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Did you know: ReNew's new Chicago base has expanded to serve the Chicago and Midwest area with medical maintenance and service? Alec performed on-site service at A-TEC Ambulance, contact us to schedule your fleet's service and maintenance today!

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Come see us at JEMS/FDIC! Our team at booth #933 can't wait to meet you and share how ReNew's certified depot and on-site service will save you time and money!

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