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HTM Week 2022

At ReNew Biomedical, we’ve made it our goal to educate and certify the next generation of biomedical technicians. The ReNew Biomedical Training Academy has graduated seven new Certified Associates in Biomedical Technology (CABT) out of the seven applicants tested this previous week. But what does it mean to be a CABT?

According to AAMI – a Certified Associate in Biomedical Technology (CABT), an individual new to the HTM field and looking to earn an entry-level certification to kick-start their career. In a work setting, this professional will be responsible for scheduled technology maintenance, supporting senior technicians, incoming/routine inspections on new equipment, and minor troubleshooting. Characteristics of a CABT include but are not limited to: strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, resourcefulness, strong time management skills, technology insight, highly motivated, and resilience.

Here’s what our new CABTs had to say:

“At first, it’s daunting to see all the different types of equipment on the shelves and the boxes and rows of circuit boards and other parts. You think to yourself, “How on earth am I supposed to know what everything is supposed to do? Then you start to work in classes-get the terms down- and then they give you the same type of problems to fix. That way, you’re practically using the knowledge as soon as you leave the classroom.” – John

“It was easier than I thought; I felt beyond prepared for what I was tested on.” – Hannah

“I’ve been working with another medical company for five years, with them I got to see the outside of the industry like the sales. Now, I feel like I have a far more precise understanding of what happens on the inside.” – Jacob

The ReNew Biomedical Training Academy is an official partner with AAMI and the Federal Department of Labor to certify CABTs and CBETs. These new technicians are educated by seasoned professionals in their field in the classroom and then work side-by-side with them while they are on the bench.

ReNew is determined to cultivate a personal and intentional relationship with each training academy student. ReNew is an ISO 13485-certified company. This certification means that ReNew has been vetted and approved on the quality of their work and program management, so students can be confident that they will receive the training needed to excel in the HTM field.

The ReNew Biomedical Training Academy has graduated thirteen apprentices in its first three semesters, and is on pace to meet the five-year goal of creating 45 new jobs.

Want to see if you have what it takes to be a biomedical technician? To learn more about this career-defining program or apply for the Training Academy, click here.

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