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HTM Week 2022

Looking back at the last two years, we have many people to thank for their tireless work to drag us out of a pandemic. We thank our healthcare professionals, hospital workers, first responders, and countless others. But for HTM Week 2022, we want to turn our gratitude toward the HTMs that kept our life-saving equipment running smoothly. Without these HTM professionals, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

ReNew Biomedical is so thankful for the HTM field and all the professionals it takes to keep this ever-demanding field running smoothly. These incredible and dedicated professionals work to make the most of each device they lay their hands on. Through their efforts, countless lives are saved.

At ReNew, we recognize that Healthcare Technology Management professionals, such as Biomedical Engineers, Biomedical Technicians, and Hospital Biomeds keep the healthcare industry moving. During HTM Week 2022, we want to say a special thanks to the technicians around the world supporting the healthcare infrastructure with their work. With that in mind, ReNew has committed to the future of HTMs by partnering with AAMI to create the ReNew Biomedical Training Academy. This academy is helping certify and grow the next rising generation of biomedical technicians and place them where they are most needed.

People from all walks of life have joined the academy, from military veterans to high school and college graduates. Every skillset brings something unique to the Biomedical Technician role each individual fills. This academy is determined to be personal, giving students access to experienced journeymen who guide them as they gain real-world experience through hands-on equipment service. This 1-to-1 teaching style allows ReNew to cultivate the perfect environment to match skillsets and create confidence that technicians can repair and service what they learn about in class.

With the ReNew Biomedical Training Academy’s inaugural year in the rearview, they have certified seven new CABTs and two CBETs, with another class of technicians preparing for certification now. ReNew is proud to train future biomedical technicians who will go on to help those who help others. To learn more about this career-defining program, or apply for a spot in the Training Academy, click here.

Saying thank you would never cover all the gratitude ReNew has for its technicians and HTM professionals worldwide. Happy HTM Week, and thank you for saving the lives of our life-saving equipment!

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