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ReNew Biomedical is excited to announce our certification as a Vyaire Authorized Service Center (ASC)! As of September 2, 2021, Vyaire officially announced ReNew as an Authorized Service Center and service depot for service and non-warranty repair of LTV™, ReVel™, Vela™, and bellavista™ 1000 ventilators for healthcare customers across the United States.

Vyaire has been making advances in the respirator industry for years now. Despite not being under the name for very long, only 65 years, Vyaire has been growing and partnering with businesses to get their products into the hands who need them. Today, they make over 27,000 unique products to treat respiratory issues, including tools to help combat the current pandemic. Their quick responses led to the EU member states receiving 26,200 ventilators and 4,300 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and more donations worldwide.

Vyaire’s seal of approval means complete peace of mind for you. ReNew Biomedical’s service technicians undergo comprehensive training and certification through Vyaire’s training academy, and all service and repairs will use official Vyaire parts. Through Master Medical Equipment, ReNew has in-stock access to a full warehouse of Vyaire PM Kits, ventilator circuits, and other accessories to maintain your unit and increase its lifespan.

“As a company focused exclusively on supporting breathing through every stage of life, Vyaire understands the critical role that our ventilators play in helping you take care of your patients. We are grateful for your confidence in us and look forward to continuing to be there for you.” – Sankar Srinivas, Vyaire’s Senior Marketing Director.

After thoroughly vetting, testing, and training the staff, facility, and benchwork at ReNew Biomedical, Vyaire recognized ReNew as an official service depot. In addition to service, ReNew can also provide circuits and PM kits, everything you need to extend the lifespan of your unit. Only one question remains: does Vyaire trust your current service provider?


Josh Kasper
Lead Marketing Designer, ReNew Biomedical
October 27, 2021

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