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Efficient Repair & Service: Ventilators, March 10, 2023.

ReNew Biomedical is changing the way biomeds approach ventilator service and repair. We’ve assessed Original Equipment Manufacturer processes and have worked hard to blend our dedication to quality work with OEM’s dedication to effective techniques. This hybrid has helped contribute to ReNew’s exponential growth and streamlined efficiency. ReNew offers a wide variety of service and repair options for 20+ ventilators and is even an Authorized Service Center for Vyaire, capable of servicing units to meet and exceed OEM standards.

A considerable advantage of choosing ReNew is the capability of our ventilator program. Vyaire Medical has officially announced ReNew as an Authorized Service Center and service depot for service and non-warranty repair of LTV™, ReVel™, Vela™, and Bellavista™ 1000 ventilators for healthcare customers across the United States. After thoroughly vetting, testing, and training the staff, facility, and benchwork at ReNew Biomedical, Vyaire recognized ReNew as an official service depot. In addition to repairs and service, ReNew stocks ventilator disposables, including circuits, filters, and PM kits, to extend the lifespan of your unit.

On average, if a ventilator enters ReNew and parts are available, the entire process, including quoting, approval, bench work, and return shipping, takes just two weeks. The same hands that quote your unit are the same hands that repair it. By reducing unnecessary overhead, we offer fast, accurate quotes without hidden costs. Our streamlined, efficient process means you get your equipment back at a lightning pace.

It isn’t just OEMs we want to impress. We show our customers we are who we say we are and that servicing and repairing your equipment is our top priority. The best proof of our efficiency is our ISO 13485 Certification, specifically designed for companies that service or handle medical equipment. Earning this third-party certification shows we stay on top of our game through efficient processes and a mindset of constant improvement. We conduct in-depth internal audits and a rigorous initial audit to ensure that our systems and processes lead to service that continues to exceed customer expectations. The better we serve you, the better you serve your patients; reliable, long-lasting equipment provides peace of mind and eases budget concerns.


    Diagnostic check of the device’s CPU
    Test power supply and all parameters (if applicable)
    Test the system’s internal clock (if applicable)
    Operational review of all system functions per OEM specifications
    Full Biomed report with every PM
    Telephone support
    Complimentary cleaning of each unit upon return
    Free return shipping on all PMs

Our goal is to “Save the Lives of Life-Saving Equipment.” We take great pride in our mission and hold ourselves to a level of excellence that raises the industry bar. We stock many common parts for ventilator repairs to streamline the service process. Additionally, each biomed workbench ensures the unit meets or exceeds OEM standards before it leaves our facility and is ready to operate at the standard the care setting demands.

ReNew is ISO 13485 Certified for the maintenance and repair of active medical equipment and is not beholden to the many cumbersome requirements levied on manufacturers who claim design rights. Focusing solely on repairing the device allows our technicians to take time and care for the device. Our customers can still receive faster turnaround times without sacrificing service quality or standards.

ReNew is an all-in-one biomedical service depot that offers on-site service, personal support, and asset management/inventory counts. Call us today to see how we can help with your ventilator service, or ask about our other offerings to see how our team can save your bottom line. Let’s find a solution that works for you. Call 844.425.0987 or email us at today!

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