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HTM Week 2022

Can’t ship your equipment away for service? Let us come to you!

Alec, ReNew’s Director of Midwest Service, was kind enough screen shot 2022 08 04 at 4.25.35 pm - ReNew BioMedicalto give us a tour of his On-Site Service van. This vehicle is one of the many On-Site Vehicles that is part of ReNew’s fleet.

screen shot 2022 08 04 at 4.27.19 pm - ReNew BioMedicalThese Transit vans are outfitted with an entire on-site service bay designed to maintain and service all defibs, pumps, suction units, cots, stretchers + stair chairs and even some ventilators. Each van has a dual monitor setup bolted to the wall above the workbench. You can see a six-bay infusion pump, granting speed and efficiency when working with
these infusion pumps.

What all comes with an on-site Preventive Maintenance(PM)?:
  • Diagnostic check on each device
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Operational Assessment of all system functions per OEM specifications
  • Calibration and Final Testing of all parameters (if applicable)
  • Full Biomed report with every PM
  • Face-to-face support with your biomedical technician

renew thing 1 - ReNew BioMedicalOn top of maintenance and service, customers can view each issue with their device in the Asset Management Portal in the ReNew Bioportal. This bioportal shows the images of the problems found within a device and the technicians’ comments.screen shot 2022 08 04 at 4.28.03 pm - ReNew BioMedical

With On-Site service vehicles, EMS and paramedics are the primary client that ReNew works with. Preventative Maintenance and minor service repairs are done in the van and ready for you faster than ever!

Want to get set up with on-site service today? Fill out a service request form here or call us today and talk to a service coordinator! 844.425.0987

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