Why ReNew?


ReNew was founded in 2014, and has been growing exponentially ever since. ReNew Biomedical Services has partnered with Master Medical Equipment to provide quality and cost-effective options instead of high-priced OEM equipment and repair services. We are here to keep your equipment performing at the highest level possible with the lowest cost possible. 

Our military trained and certified biomed staff are trained to respond to issues quickly and efficiently. Our efficiency has earned us the ISO 13485:2016 certification, and our AAMI CABT and CBET certifications highlights our dedication to excellence in the world of Healthcare Technology Management.

To learn more about our ISO certification or our CABT/CBET certifications, click here.


We understand that saving time and money is important to you. That is why we offer the convenience of fast service and the assurance that your equipment is ready to perform at any time.

The ReNew Biomedical Difference: We don’t play by the traditional rules of the biomedical industry. What does this mean? We came up with better ones. We’ve streamlined our process, cutting out the question marks, headaches, and second guessing of who to use to repair your equipment. We get you to the finish line before anyone else even lines you up at the starting line. You deserve the best, and we give ours to you.

Save Money By Repairing, Maintaining, & Servicing Your Medical Equipment


By choosing ReNew Biomedical you get:

  • All equipment is tested and inspected per manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Preventative maintenance agreements that offer fast, reliable, and convenient service​
  • Documentation that satisfies regulatory reporting requirements
  • Personnel support for your staff, reducing labor and training costs
  • Access to our replacement parts inventory and our equipment rental program

Join The ReNew Biomedical Team!

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